Galen Group introduces new scrap shear

The new series of scrap shears from Turkish hydraulic attachment manufacturer Galen Group have been re-invented and remodelled with the introduction.
Scrap Shear

The new scrap shear series, re-Designed specifically for heavy weight excavators, working in the processing of heavy duty metals and structures. The jaw type and wide mouth opening have been designed for grabbing and cutting all-sizes of materials and thanks to a dedicated speed valve the new shears optimize the cycle times. Whilst the piercing tip is made of one unique piece, the four-times replaceable blades will help end users save money on spare parts. The new jaw alignment guides together with the fixed jaw fulcrum pin grant for a very precise material cutting. The rotation system, with double bearings in row, consents to operators to gain a perfect positioning on the material to be processed helped also by the break system inside the swinging motor.