The Kubota U55 Ripper Attachment body is made entirely from Hardox material; For site conditions, it is reinforced with nose part, nail and adapter and it is possible to change in case of wear.Ripper Attachment makes digging in hard soils easier and more efficient. Kubota U55 Ripper Attachment is the perfect attachment to cut any hard terrain encountered in your working environment.
Before working with the bucket, all hard ground was scanned with ripper; it was made ready to load easily, without need for blasting.Especially in 30-60 tons class machines, it works very efficiently.When soil conditions are less than desired, a Galen Kubota U55 Ripper Attachment will provide an extra mechanical advantage to shatter from the upper crust.Pass the hard, hard and frozen material with the strong force of the Galen Kubota U55 Ripper Attachment.
It was designed to remove rock / marble masses particularly in quarries and areas where blasting is not possible and it is difficult to work with a bucket; The Kubota U55 Ripper Attachment body is manufactured entirely from Hardox material; one piece production is preferred without using nail.Designed for maximum penetration, the ripper attachment tears with firm force from hard soil and frozen ground. It provides breaking power and a heavy-duty shaft strengthens the coupling structure for maximum uptime protection.