hydraulic breakers
28 October 2020 / Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Breaker SB20 Construction Attachments

Galen Group Hydraulic Crusher Handling and Compact Attachments.Designed to work in harmony with your Galen compact excavator, Hydraulic Crushers performs impressive results in a variety of crushing applications. Hydraulic Crushers works in harmony with your Galen excavator to provide the consistent power and performance you need; Hydraulic Crushers is ready to tackle the most demanding projects, with a variety of work tools and Crusher configurations suitable for your robust design and operations.

pulverizer demolition attachments
17 September 2020 / Pulverizer Demolition Attachments

Pulverizer Working Video

Our breakers are designed 3 types of models for 20~100 ton class excavator. Big size breakers are used at the open&close mine and quarry.

Additionally, used for excavation, demolition, tunnel construction, underwater application and etc...

ripper demolition attachments
27 May 2020 / Ripper Demolition Attachments

Ripper Demolition Attachments

The ripper body is made entirely from Hardox material; For site conditions, it is reinforced with nose part, nail and adapter and it is possible to change in case of wear.

Ripper Attachment makes digging in hard soils easier and more efficient. Ripper is the perfect attachment to cut any hard terrain encountered in your working environment.